Workshop: Breastmilk / Cold Process Soap Making Introduction Class
Venue: TPW Studio @ Plaza Arkadia
Duration: 4 Hours
Course Fee: RM350 including all materials (FREE 1OOOg soap mold) 
Learning Modes: Hands-On & Theory

What can you discover from this workshop?

  • A brief history of soap making 
  • Fun facts about handmade soap 
  • Why handmade soap is more natural & environmentally friendly 
  • Soap making safety rules and tools 
  • Handmade soap making methods 
  • Soap making important terms and definitions
  • A brief explanation of the benefits of commonly used oils and addictive for this soap making class 
  • Knowledge of making breastmilk / goat milk soap 
  • Knowledge of making water-based soap 
  • Soap formula calculation 
  • Design soap recipe 
  • Hand-mixing and blender mixing skill 
  • How to layer the soap or swirl design 
  • How to add additives to the soap 
  • How to scent your soap using pure essential oil 
  • Must-know knowledge of cold process soap making 

What will you bring home? 

  1. 1000g of cold process soap 
  2. 1000g soap mold
  3. Done-for-you notes of cold process soap making
  4. Certificate of attendance

Important Note: Please wear long sleeves and bring a small recycle bag to the workshop.



地点:TPW Studio @ Plaza Arkadia
日期:18th August, Saturday (12pm-4pm) 6人一班
时长:4 小时

学习模式:手作 + 理论


  • 手工皂的历史
  • 认识手工皂
  • 为什么手工皂对皮肤健康和天然环保
  • 冷制皂的制作工具和安全措施
  • 手工皂做法介绍
  • 冷制皂的重要名词与定义
  • 简单解释课程上所运用油脂和添加物的功效
  • 如何制作母乳/羊奶皂
  • 如何制作纯水皂
  • 配方的计算方法
  • 配方设计
  • 手打和电打的技巧
  • 如何做分层或渲染造型
  • 如何使用添加物
  • 如何使用精油
  • 冷制皂的必知知识


  1. 1000g的冷制皂
  2. 1000g皂膜

  3. 冷制皂笔记

  4. 出席证书