Energy Soap: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the composition of Energy Soap?
A: Our Energy Soap is made from botanical ingredients, using 100% pure essential oils with food grade and cosmetic grade pigments. They are also SLS and Paraben Free.

Q: How long can the Energy Soap retain its energy?
A: As each of our Energy Soap is made fresh and is added with natural essential oils, the oils will evaporate over time. Hence it is recommended that the Energy Soaps be used completely within 6-8 months. It is best to use it immediately after purchase.

Q: How do I use Energy Soap?
A: Our Energy Soap is recommended for both morning and evening use. It is suitable as a face and body wash. For first time users, it is recommended to test the soap on your neck.

Q: How long can Energy Soap last?
A: Our Energy Soap is rich in glycerin. It is recommended to use a soap bag to facilitate the draining. The soap bag can be used for 3 – 4 weeks, it is not advisable to use it longer than that.

Q: Is there a soap pouch that comes with the Energy Soap?
A: No, soap pouch is sold separately.

Q: How do I choose my personal Energy Soap?
A: As each Energy Soap has its own color, crystal, and essential oils infused, different Energy Soaps will have different effects following its corresponding chakras. If you are buying it online, you may select based on a color that you are attracted to. Or you may also choose to begin with Grounding. At our Balance Tree Healing Workshop, we offer a chakra energy test (free of charge) to accurately select the right Energy Soap for you.

Q: How does Energy Soap exert its efficacy?
A: Since our Energy Soap is made with energy (colors, crystals, essential oils), the intention you set when using it is essential. Every time I use it, I like to imagine a ray of white light surrounding the Energy Soap. When the water flows down from the top of my head, another white light shines straight from the top. The foam from the Energy Soap will strip the fatigue and negative energy away from your body as the water flows. Each crystal attached also has a matching aromatic essential oil to deliver positive energy as you cleanse and relax with the soap.

Q: Can Energy Soap be bought as gifts?
A: Yes, we believe that Energy Soap will surely spread an abundance of positive energy to everyone uniquely!

Q: Does each Energy Soap have the same crystal?
A: Since crystals are natural ores, each one is unique. The crystals in our Energy Soap are purified through the purification process, with sunlight and etc. They will each look for their own master to resonate its energy with.

Q: Can Energy Soap be shared?
A: No. As the crystal will resonate first with its initial owner, it is not recommended to share the soap with another individual because each person has a different energy magnetic field.

Q: What should I do with the crystal after using Energy Soap?
A: You may keep the crystal as a lucky gem for yourself or you may also use it during meditation.

Q: How long should the same Energy Soap be used?
A: There is no specific duration to use it. However, you may follow according to what you feel. If you would like to increase its chakra energy, it is recommended to use it for about 1 – 2 months or even longer. Should you have other questions, you may contact us to inquire about energy healing.



答:肥皂由植物成分制作而成、SLS & Paraben Free、添加100% 純精油、食品级颜料、化妆品级颜料。





在Balance Tree Healing Workshop 我们提供脉轮能量测试(无收费),可以精准为您选择合适的「能量皂」。

答:「能量皂」是以《能量》制作而成,所以我们使用时的意向 (INTENTION) 也非常重要!每次使用时,观想一道白光包围着「能量皂」,当水流从头顶流下时另一道白光直从头顶照下。「能量皂」的泡沫会随着水流把身上的疲劳和负能量给带走。在洁净和放松的身上,水晶配合了精油的香气,把所有的正能量传送到我们的身上。