Each one of us has a different mission to accomplish from when we were just a year old, to the day we leave the earth.

The mission of a year-old child is to learn to stand on his own feet and to bravely take his first step in life. Meanwhile, the parents have a mission to nurture and educate their child.

As everything that exists on earth is filled with energy, one’s life mission is no exception. I recall watching a video on a cheese-making process. The cheese-maker admits that he enjoys the cheese-making process himself and that his mission is to produce good quality cheese. He also mentioned, although machines are able to save plenty of time and energy, it cannot replace passion and enthusiasm that comes from the cheesemaker himself. He believes that the positive energy and vibe from an individual can influence and change the quality of food.

In life, being passionate about achieving one’s life mission is essential to develop their goals.

My enthusiasm and beliefs in making Energy Soap are similar to how the cheesemaker is towards his making of cheese.

In order to create this special soap, I first begin by adding energy to it with art and colour. The healing crystals are then used to resonate the positive energy of the universe. After which essential oils are infused into the soap to exude aromatic fragrances that will ultimately leave you feeling loved.

As you take a bath, the reaction from water and the energy soap will strip away your tiredness and the negative energy you’ve accumulated all day long, from the top of your head to your entire body. And as the soap flows along with the water onto every inch of your skin, it is out with the bad vibes and in with the good energy.

With the Energy Soap, your journey towards self-love thus begins.