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Coffee Cold Process Soap Making Workshop 咖啡冷制皂基础班

  Workshop: Cold Process Soap Making Introduction Class Venue: Balance Tree Healing Workshop @TPW Studio Date:  Duration: 3.5 Hours Course Fee: RM180 including all materials  Learning Modes: Hands-On & Theory Maximum: 6 participants  What can you discover from this workshop? Soap making safety rules and tools A brief history of soap making Fun facts about handmade soap Why handmade soap is more natural & environmentally friendly Handmade soap making methods A brief explanation of the benefits of commonly used oils and addictive for this soap making class Soap formula calculation Hand-mixing and blender mixing skill How to layering the soap How to add additives to the soap How to scent your soap using pure essential oil Must-know knowledge of cold process soap making    What will you bring home? 500g of cold process soap Done-for-you notes of cold process soap making   FREE! 1) Silicone soap mold (LIMITED FOR FIRST 20 PARTICIPANTS) Important Note: Please wear long sleeves and bring a recycle bag to the workshop.   ————————————————————————————————   课程: 冷制皂基础班 地点:Balance Tree Healing Workshop @TPW Studio 日期:14/07/2018 & 15/07/2018 (3.30pm-7.00pm) 时长:3.5 小时 学费:RM180包括材料 学习模式:手作 + 理论 只限6位一班    课程内容 冷制皂的制作工具和安全措施 手工皂的历史 认识手工皂 为什么手工皂对皮肤健康和天然环保 手工皂做法介绍 简单解释课程上所运用油脂和添加物的功效 配方的计算方法 手打和电打的技巧 如何做分层造型 如何使用添加物 如何使用精油 冷制皂的必知知识   自取回的作品 500g的冷制皂 冷制皂笔记   免费!  手工皂模子(只限于前20位)  

Natural Insect Repellent Business Class 天然防蚊产品创业班

Workshop: Make 5 Repellent Products in just ONE Class (Suitable for Infant & Expectant Mother)   Venue: TPW Studio @ Plaza Arkadia Date:  Duration: 3 Hours Course Fee: RM320 including all materials (RM300 coming with friends)  Learning Modes: Hands On Maximum: 6 participants  What can you discover from this workshop? Learn to make 5 natural repellent products Natural Insect Repellent Spray (Suitable for the infant to use) Natural Insect Repellent Block (Repel lizard or roaches effectively) Skin Moisturizing & Repellent Candle (Light a candle and be your skin moisturizer) Natural Insect Repellent & Cooling Gel (Relieve itch, anti-inflammatory & cooling) Natural Insect Repellent Balm (Suitable for eczema skin, relieve skin irritation & anti-inflammatory) How to use natural essential oil   Understand all materials and purposes How to market your products How to design your product packaging     What will you bring home? 5 natural repellent products Done-for-you notes Certificate of Attendance   Free!  Natural Beeswax Candlemaking session     ———————————————————————————————— 课程: 一次学会制作5种天然防蚊产品(适合宝宝及孕妇使用) 地点:TPW Studio @ Plaza Arkadia 日期: 26th August, Sunday (11.00am – 2.00pm) 时长:3 小时 学费:RM320包括材料 (同朋友一起出席RM300一人) 学习模式:手作 只限6位一班  课程内容 学做5种天然防蚊产品 天然防蚊液(适合婴儿使用) 天然防蚊砖(有效驱赶壁虎和蟑螂) 护肤及防蚊蜡(驱赶蚊虫也可以当护肤霜) 天然防蚊冰凉芦荟胶(止痒、消炎、消暑) 天然防蚊膏(适合湿疹皮肤、止痒、消炎) 学会如何使用精油 认识材料的用处 如何销售 如何包装产品 自取回的作品 5种天然防蚊产品 笔记 出席证书 免费!  学习制作天然蜜蜡烛

Breastmilk / Cold Process Soap Making Workshop 母乳皂/冷制皂基础班

  Workshop: Breastmilk / Cold Process Soap Making Introduction Class Venue: TPW Studio @ Plaza Arkadia Date:  Duration: 4 Hours Course Fee: RM350 including all materials (FREE 1OOOg soap mold)  Learning Modes: Hands-On & Theory       What can you discover from this workshop? A brief history of soap making  Fun facts about handmade soap  Why handmade soap is more natural & environmentally friendly  Soap making safety rules and tools  Handmade soap making methods  Soap making important terms and definitions A brief explanation of the benefits of commonly used oils and addictive for this soap making class  Knowledge of making breastmilk / goat milk soap  Knowledge of making water-based soap  Soap formula calculation  Design soap recipe  Hand-mixing and blender mixing skill  How to layer the soap or swirl design  How to add additives to the soap  How to scent your soap using pure essential oil  Must-know knowledge of cold process soap making  What will you bring home?  1000g of cold process soap  1000g soap mold Done-for-you notes of cold process soap making Certificate of attendance Important Note: Please wear long sleeves and bring a small recycle bag to the workshop. —————————————————————————————- 课程:专业母乳皂/冷制皂基础班 地点:TPW Studio @ Plaza Arkadia 日期:18th August, Saturday (12pm-4pm) 6人一班 时长:4 小时 学费:RM350包括材料(免费1000g皂膜) 学习模式:手作 + 理论 课程内容 手工皂的历史 认识手工皂 为什么手工皂对皮肤健康和天然环保 冷制皂的制作工具和安全措施 手工皂做法介绍 冷制皂的重要名词与定义 简单解释课程上所运用油脂和添加物的功效 如何制作母乳/羊奶皂 如何制作纯水皂 配方的计算方法 配方设计 手打和电打的技巧 如何做分层或渲染造型 如何使用添加物 如何使用精油 冷制皂的必知知识 自取回的作品 1000g的冷制皂 1000g皂膜 冷制皂笔记 出席证书 当天请穿长袖衣着和携带一个环保袋哦!

脉轮能量 · 水晶疗愈工作坊

  【和自己的身心灵来一场水晶之约】 现代的生活习惯 因为缺乏沟通与聆听 导致身心灵疲累 我们忘了与内在沟通 忘了问内在的自己,“累了吗?” 所以很多情绪问题发生在许多人的身上 我们也忘了聆听身体 忽视身体的每一个状态 所以很多大小病痛缠绕着我们 我们不如与自己的身心灵来一个约会吧🤗 为自己的灵魂充电 让自己的心灵平静 让自己的身体放松 🔮【脉轮能量·水晶疗愈工作坊】🔮 我们的信念很简单, 就是一个人的幸福感, 是一种内在的心灵状态。 身体就好比是灵魂的家 当你不断清理家, 你内在堵塞的地方, 就会越来越通畅了, 顺溜了,轻松了, 爱、感恩和幸福就流进来了啦!💓 这… 也是发起工作坊的初衷!😄 让我们一起在温馨的环境里, 了解脉轮及能量的知识, 再通过水晶的能量, 及脉轮精油的芳香分子, 接引宇宙和大地的爱 与我们的身体一起共振 借此清理及提升我们的身心灵 就这样… 一场工作坊还一个幸福满满的你~ 😘 日期: 20/4/2019(吉隆坡场) 时间: 1pm-5pm 工作坊费用: RM750 地点: TPW Studio, H-2-10, Plaza Arkadia 日期: 28/4/2019(柔佛场) 时间: 12pm-4pm 工作坊费用: RM750 地点: Spaceforparty(PinkRoom) #01-02 & #02-02,Block B. Persiaran Pertama. Pusat perdaggangan Danga Utama. 81300 Johor Bahru.JOHOR 🎁【送你远超学费价值的礼品】🎁 1. 水晶净化服务 – RM200 2. 脈絡知識及自我疗愈手冊一份 – RM250 3. 脉轮水晶一套 – RM 150 4. 水晶能量玫瑰花水一支 – RM80 5. 脉轮能量测试+生命能量卡测试+能量礼品 – RM400 💎只限首10名报名学员  
BreastMilk Soap

Customised Breast Milk Soap 代制母乳皂

All of us understand that milk has incredible properties, and utilizing it in a bar of soap is not something brand-new. As the homemade soaps trend has rapidly captured on, breast milk soap is among the most recent high-end handmade products. 我们都了解乳制品都非常有益,乳皂也不是一件新鲜的事情了。在手工皂的领域里,母乳皂最为高档的手工皂,因为母乳是一样可遇不可求之物!   For mothers who would merely want to utilize their excess breast milk or breast milk that has currently past the expiration date for usage, breast milk soaps are an alternative method which their infants and themselves can still use its advantages. Grace, Balance Tree 创办人都建议妈妈们应该使用过期的母乳来入皂,而过多和新鲜的母乳都建议储存起来或捐给有需要的孤儿们。 It's extremely recommended that soap constructed of breast milk need to be utilized just by the mom from whom the milk is produced and for her child to whom the milk is produced for. 母乳皂比较建议是使用在自己或自己的宝宝身上,对于敏感形肌肤的朋友呢,应该先使用一小片来做皮肤过敏试验哦! Below are the 4 types of breast milk soap 以下是4种母乳皂供你选择:   1) Aloe Vera Moisturizing Breast Milk Soap (for baby skin) 滋润芦荟母乳皂 (宝宝专用) 1kg RM160 (12 bars)    2) Custom made breast milk soap (for dry skin, combination skin, oily skin or for sensitive skin)      客制母乳皂 (干性、中性、油性、敏感性) 1kg RM170 (12 bars)   3) Collective Designs     特制造型母乳皂 1kg RM150       4) Herbs Powder / Herbal Infused-oil Breast Milk Soap 中药 / 浸泡油母乳皂 1kg RM180 (12 bars)   **Cold-Process soaps are only ready for collection after 45 days for curing period. 冷制皂需要45天后才能领取! Price included ingredients 价钱包括材料 All are handmade 纯手工制作 Free adding essential oil 免费添加精油 No artificial colorant 无添加人造色素 No artificial fragrance 无添加人造香精 No harmful chemical 无添加有害化合物 300ml of frozen breast milk must ready by customer 顾客需自备300g冷冻母乳 Custom made breast milk soap order for 2kg and above will have 20% discount 代制2kg以上可以得20%折扣 Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding custom made order. 有关代制母乳皂欢迎向我们联络!   Email: Contact no.: 012-2173957

The Journey of Aromatherapy 心灵芳疗师的旅程

  The very first time in love grassy hay, the very first got myself a bottle of lavender essential oil and the very first time I got to know odors can affect, change and heal a person's emotion. My curiosity and eagerness to find out more about essential oils had encouraged me to take up an aromatherapy course. That's where I learned, gained a better in-depth understanding of the properties of essential oils and its characteristics. I was exposed to and taught on the application of essential oil to ease emotional complications. I made incredible progress the feeling was just indescribable, and I have a better overall understanding of myself, my own emotions and my thoughts. Helping a person with the emotional problem always is my dream. I love to share the usage and benefits of essential oil in various methods. Sharing is caring and love. I would like to do more sharing of what I have learned and encountered with every one of you. And you all are very welcome to leave your message to me as well!!! Let's together find a better way to cherish our life! According to the Presuppositions of NLP, everyone already possessed all the resources needed. It depends on how you make your own decision. 第一次愛上割草的香氣,第一次買了薰衣草精油,第一次對氣味開始產生感覺,開始懂得去分析,以為這只是我多想,但沒想到氣味原來可以真的治療情緒!抱著好奇心的我去上了國際芳療師的課程,讓我更加懂得了精油的功能和它的性格! 我也更加瞭解如何使用精油來舒解情緒上的問題的方式,讓我感受到療癒的過程是多麼的神奇! 治療別人的情緒一直都是我想要做的事情!在這個壓力的社會里許多人都不懂得如何去表達以及解決自己的情緒,而我自己也有曾經被情緒困擾的問題,認識了精油後,我更加瞭解自己、瞭解自己的情緒、瞭解自己的思維! 在未來的日子裡,我願意分享給大家我一路走來的小小經驗!也歡迎大家留言,讓我們一起交流交流!讓我們一起創造出一個美好的自己! 根據全球最知名的神經語言學NLP,我們都不缺資源,卻缺狀態。

What is Aromatherapy? 什么是芳香疗法?

  Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. Essential oils are highly aromatic substances that found in glands or cells of certain plants, and it is called an essence. Essence from a plant is to used for protection from predators and to attract pollinators. After the distillation or extraction of a plant, the aromatic substance is referred to as an essential oil. Aromatherapy, also referred to as Essential Oil therapy, can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind, and spirit. It seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process. – National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy – Aromatherapy is a caring, hands-on therapy which seeks to induce relaxation, to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to mind, body, and soul. – Robert Tisserand – Aromatherapy can be defined as utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind, and spirit. As a holistic practice, Aromatherapy is a preventative approach. – Jade Shutes – 芳香疗法是指藉由芳香植物所萃取出的精油做为媒介来平衡、调和、提升身心灵的健康。使提升我们生理、心理和精神上与生俱来疗愈本能。– National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy – 芳香疗法是一种有关爱和贴心的手作疗法,旨在诱导放松,增加能量,减少压力的影响,恢复失去平衡的身心灵。– Robert Tisserand – 芳香疗法是指藉由芳香植物所萃取出的精油做为媒介来平衡、调和、提升身心灵的健康。芳香疗法也是一种预防医学。– Jade Shutes –

Raise Your Energy Vibration 提升你的正能量

  When I have a fundamental understanding of essential oils, they're absolutely a stunning tools that boost my feelings, emotions, thoughts, and energy. Without a single doubt and I do believe that our universe is composed of ENERGY. There is a constant unseen force working amongst nature and within our lives. It is known that there is a subtle bio-energy that flows through all of life, we call it CHI or LIFE FORCE. This energy is expressed as Electromagnetic Vibrational Frequency. And so, everything has the frequency. Thus, our thoughts, emotions, every single movement composed of energy. The lower our frequencies, the weaker our health becomes. To combat this, we must continually seek to boost our frequencies, when we are at the feelings of joy, loving, and fulfilled. Essential oil is the natural frequency generator that can help to raise your vibration and also to balance and realign physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. For example, I love to use 1-2 drops Geranium Essential Oil on my body lotion not just for skin hydration but also helps to ease my nervous tension, enhance my emotions and sometimes promotes good sleep. “Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live. I believe that the chemistry and frequencies of essential oils have the ability to help man maintain the optimal frequency to the extent that disease cannot exist.” Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils