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How Crystal Can Be Used As A Daily Boosting Tool To Your Life 如何将水晶作为生活上的辅助器

  If you're simply starting to utilize crystals, an excellent method to harness their healing power is by utilizing healing crystals for materializing your purposes and what you desire to develop in your life.  Crystals have powerful vibrations that connect us to the Earth. The crystal energy will connect with you when you bring them close to the skin or place them near to you. With every thought, intention, idea or objectives, these crystals pick up on your unique vibrational energy and magnify the positive vibes that you're growing within. Crystal energy could help you on your spiritual healing journey. A proper intention or thought is the starting point for you to connect with the healing crystals because with the specific intentions or purposes that you instilled into your daily thought patterns also will transform become energy. 如果你刚刚开始使用水晶,那么最好的方法就是利用水晶来表现你的意图以及你想要在生活中创造些什么奇迹。 当谈到水晶基础时,这些超凡脱俗的岩石会将我们连接到大地,因为它们是有形的,有强烈振动的物理形态。当您将这些意念然后将水晶贴近皮肤或将其置于您的生活环境中时,你将会与这种能量链接在一起。凭借每一个想法和意念,这些水晶都会汲取您独特的振动能量,并放大您正在培养的积极氛围中。 在这个神奇的能量世界里,水晶能量可以帮助你进行身心灵之旅,因为它可以保持你的意念并提醒你再次与大地的联系。一个深思熟虑的意念是与水晶链接的起点,因为我们的日常思维模式的灌输也会成为其能量的一部分。

Enegy Soap FAQs「能量皂」常见问题

Energy Soap: Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is the composition of Energy Soap? A: Our Energy Soap is made from botanical ingredients, using 100% pure essential oils with food grade and cosmetic grade pigments. They are also SLS and Paraben Free. Q: How long can the Energy Soap retain its energy? A: As each of our Energy Soap is made fresh and is added with natural essential oils, the oils will evaporate over time. Hence it is recommended that the Energy Soaps be used completely within 6-8 months. It is best to use immediately after purchase. Q: How do I use Energy Soap? A: Our Energy Soap is recommended for both morning and evening use. It is suitable as a face and body wash. For first time users, it is recommended to test the soap on your neck. Q: How long can Energy Soap last? A: Our Energy Soap is rich in glycerin. It is recommended to use a soap bag to facilitate the draining. The soap bag can be used for 3 – 4 weeks, it is not advisable to use it longer than that. Q: Is there a soap pouch that comes with the Energy Soap? A: Yes, each Energy Soap comes with a soap pouch. Q: How do I choose my personal Energy Soap? A: As each Energy Soap has its own color, crystal and essential oils infused, different Energy Soaps will have different effects following its corresponding chakras. If you are buying it online, you may select based on a color that you are attracted to. Or you may also choose to begin with Grounding. At our Balance Tree Healing Workshop, we offer a chakra energy test (free of charge) to accurately select the right Energy Soap for you. Q: How does Energy Soap exert its efficacy? A: Since our Energy Soap is made with energy (colors, crystals, essential oils), the intention you set when using it is essential. Every time I use it, I like to imagine a ray of white light surrounding the Energy Soap. When the water flows down from the top of my head, another white light shines straight from the top. The foam from the Energy Soap will strip the fatigue and negative energy away from your body as the water flows. Each crystal attached also has a matching aromatic essential oil to deliver positive energy as you cleanse and relax with the soap. Q: Can Energy Soap be bought as gifts? A: Yes, we believe that Energy Soap will surely spread an abundance of positive energy to everyone uniquely! Q: Does each Energy Soap have the same crystal? A: Since crystals are natural ores, each one is unique. The crystals in our Energy Soap are purified through the purification process, with sunlight and etc. They will each look for their own master to resonate its energy with. Q: Can Energy Soap be shared? A: No. As the crystal will resonate first with its initial owner, it is not recommended to share the soap with another individual because each person has a different energy magnetic field. Q: What should I do with the crystal after using the Energy Soap? A: You may keep the crystal as a lucky gem for yourself or you may also use it during meditation. Q: How long should the same Energy Soap be used? A: There is no specific duration to use it. However, you may follow according to what you feel. If you would like to increase its chakra energy, it is recommended to use it for about 1 – 2 months or even longer. Should you have other questions, you may contact us to inquire about energy healing.   「能量皂」常见问题 问:「能量皂」的成分? 答:肥皂由植物成分制作而成、SLS & Paraben Free、添加100% 純精油、食品级颜料、化妆品级颜料。 问:「能量皂」能够保存多久? 答:每一款都是“新鲜”制作而且添加了天然精油,天然的精油会随着时间而挥发,在完整包装里建议在6-8个月内使用完。当然购买后马上使用最佳 问:如何使用? 答:「能量皂」建议早晚使用,适合用來洗脸和洗身体。建议第一次使用在脸上的朋友,先尝试在颈部下巴处! 问:「能量皂」可以使用多久? 答:「能量皂」都富有甘油成分,建议利用皂袋方便沥水。利用皂袋3-4个星期,无利用皂袋大概4个星期。 问:「能量皂」有附上免费皂袋吗? 答:有。 问:如何选择属于自己的「能量皂」? 答:「能量皂」添加了色彩、水晶以及精油的能量。不同的「能量皂」所发挥的功效和对应的脉轮都有所不同。 如果您是在网上购买可以从色彩选择哪一款较吸引您。或者可以选择从Grounding(海底轮)开始使用。 在Balance Tree Healing Workshop 我们提供脉轮能量测试(无收费),可以精准为您选择合适的「能量皂」。 问:「能量皂」如何发挥它的疗效? 答:「能量皂」是以《能量》制作而成,所以我们使用时的意向 (INTENTION) 也非常重要!每次使用时,观想一道白光包围着「能量皂」,当水流从头顶流下时另一道白光直从头顶照下。「能量皂」的泡沫会随着水流把身上的疲劳和负能量给带走。在洁净和放松的身上,水晶配合了精油的香气,把所有的正能量传送到我们的身上。 问:「能量皂」可以买来送礼吗? 答:可以,我们相信「能量皂」会以不一样的方式把它的正能量带给每一个人! 问:「能量皂」里的水晶都一样吗? 答:水晶是天然矿石,每一颗都独一无二,「能量皂」里的水晶都经过净化、日光法等提升其能量,所以它们都会各自寻找属于自己的主人。 问:「能量皂」可以公用吗? 答:不建议,因为每个人的能量磁场不一样,水晶会与使用者形成共振,意念磁场也不同,不建议与以其他人公用同一块「能量皂」! 问:「能量皂」使用完后的水晶如何处理? 答:水晶可留下带在身旁作为自己的幸运石或者用来做冥想。 问:同一款「能量皂」需要使用多久? 答:无特别时长,可以以自己的感觉来断定,如果是要提升某个脉轮的能量,建议使用1-2个月以上,或者可以联络我们了解更多有关能量疗愈的质询。

Why You Will Need Them (Energy Soap)? 为何您需要水晶能量皂?

  In this rapidly growing society, whether you're working in the office or a 24/7 housewife or a college student… sometimes we will face a lot of pressure and obstacles from our daily routine that is more than what our mind, body, and soul could manage.   There are plenty of methods for mind, body, and soul healing purposes but without a single doubt that the traditional form of healing still works the best. Crystal healing and aromatherapy is a non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, and soul, helping to increase our feeling of well-being, neutralize negativity, lift depression and help us to become integrated, whole beings. This Energy Soap isn't just like your regular bar of soap because each of them infused with healing crystals and natural essential oils that could helps strengthen your soul and remove negative energy. Take a shower or bath with Energy Soap will help you feel washing away the negative energy as well as help you feel relaxed and refreshed if you feel physically and mentally drained from a negative encounter or have been carrying the negative energy all day.           在这个快速发展的社会里,无论你是在办公室工作还是24/7家庭主妇或是大学生… 有时我们将面临来自日常生活的压力和障碍,而造成身心灵的负担。 可以治疗身心灵的方式多的很,但最传统的治疗形式仍然是最好的。 水晶疗法和芳香疗法是一种非侵入性的替代疗法,可以全面协调身心灵的负担, 帮助增加我们的幸福感,消除消极情绪,解除抑郁,帮助我们融入整体生命。 这款水晶能量皂不是你的常见的一块肥皂,因为它们每一块都加入了疗愈水晶 和天然精油,可以帮助增强身心灵,消除负能量。 如果您感觉身体和精神上带着许多的负能量,使用水晶能量皂洗澡可以帮助 您洗去的负能量,水晶的能量和精油的香气可以让你感到放松和精神焕发。  

The Mission of the Energy Soap 能量 · 皂的使命

    Each one of us has a different mission to accomplish from when we were just a year old, to the day we leave the earth. The mission of a year-old child is to learn to stand on his own feet and to bravely take his first step in life. Meanwhile, the parents have a mission to nurture and educate their child. As everything that exists on earth is filled with energy, one’s life mission is no exception. I recall watching a video on a cheese-making process. The cheese-maker admits that he enjoys the cheese-making process himself and that his mission is to produce good quality cheese. He also mentioned, although machines are able to save plenty of time and energy, it cannot replace passion and enthusiasm that comes from the cheesemaker himself. He believes that the positive energy and vibe from an individual can influence and change the quality of food. In life, being passionate about achieving one’s life mission is essential to develop their goals. My enthusiasm and beliefs in making Energy Soap are similar to how the cheesemaker is towards his making of cheese. In order to create this special soap, I first begin by adding energy to it with art and colour. The healing crystals are then used to resonate the positive energy of the universe. After which essential oils are infused into the soap to exude aromatic fragrances that will ultimately leave you feeling loved. As you take a bath, the reaction from water and the energy soap will strip away your tiredness and the negative energy you’ve accumulated all day long, from the top of your head to your entire body. And as the soap flows along with the water onto every inch of your skin, it is out with the bad vibes and in with the good energy. With the Energy Soap, your journey towards self-love thus begins. 从一岁的宝宝到我们离开这世间的那一刻,我们都背着或者享受着不一样的使命! 一岁宝宝的使命就是学习站起来,勇敢踏出人生的第一步。父母的使命就是抚养与教育孩子。 人间的万事万物都充满能量,人生的使命也不例外。我曾经看过一个制作起司的视频,年迈的起司老板提到每天都享受手作起司的每一个过程,他们的使命就是要提供好品质的起司。他也提到机器制作虽然能够剩下许多时间与精力,但唯一无可取代的,就是一个人对制作起司的热情!因为每一个好的情绪与能量都足够影响食物的品质和任何一件事情!  而一个对自己使命的热情与情绪,也足够于影响一件事情以后的发展! 我对制作能量皂与起司老板的那一份热情都相当贴切! 我把艺术和色彩的能量加入肥皂内,再使用水晶疗愈把宇宙的能量与精油的芳香分子带来共振,让使用者全方位的享受能量皂给予的《爱》! 洗澡时的流水和能量皂可以带走您一整天的疲惫和负能量。能量皂触碰到每一寸肌肤都会把身体内的负能量随着头顶的流水冲走,再把正能量转送到我们的体内! 能量皂即将为你展开一段爱自己的旅程!
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How To Prevent "Glycerin Dew" On Melt & Pour Soap

  When the melt and pour soap remains on the counter, the glycerin in the soap will draw the wetness from the air, and onto the soap. If you reside in a damp environment or have your soapmaking space near the restroom, you'll discover that your melt and pour soap continually wishes to 'sweat' or get 'glycerin dew.' Does your soap appear like it has weepy tears of water on it often? Does it form a crystalline structure after a couple of days, making your soap appearance powdery and matte? Melt and pour soap has additional glycerin included to it throughout the production process. The theory is that when you clean with glycerin soap is that there will be a thin layer of glycerin left behind, which will then draw wetness from the air, onto your skin (therefore hydrating your skin). Some methods to handle this and avoid it are: The top crucial pointer to preventing glycerin dew? Make sure you do not put your soap in the freezer or fridge after making it. Let it solidify in a regular, space temperature level. Purchase a dehumidifier and utilize it in your soaping space. Preferably, the soaping space must be as airtight as possible for this alternative to work. While it is a relatively costly method to go, it does work, and it offers you the flexibility to make bigger batches of soap without worry of glycerin dew. Store your soap in the container for up to 2 hours, examining on the soap every 30 minutes. Do not leave the soap in the drying container too long nevertheless, or else you will discover yourself with a dry, unappealing bar of soap since all the wetness will be drawn out of it! Run a fan over the soap regularly after the soap is popped out of the molds. This might not operate in some more damp environments however it works in some less severe cases so attempt it with some smaller sized batches before you go crazy with this method of handling soap sweat.

Handmade Soap Base vs Factory Made Soap Base

In the market, there are numerous kinds of soap bases. Soap bases are the most convenient entry technique for making handcrafted soap. All you need to do is melt the soap in the microwave for 10-20 seconds, include your scent, essential oil and colorant, pour into mold. It's likewise an approach of making soap without utilizing lye or sodium hydroxide so for those who hesitate to handle lye, this is for you. It's not that these soap does not consist of lye, however, it's currently made into a ready-made base for you so that you do not need to handle this lye personally. Issues in Factory-Made soap base? Whatever is terrific with soap base other than that mainly made in the factory and you cannot truly manage the ingredients in it. When it comes to "natural" soap bases, lots of do not fit into this classification due to the addition of alcohol, sodium laureate sulphate (sls), propylene glycol and numerous other ingredients. Some might likewise consists of animal obtained glycerin which is not ideal for vegan. Soap bases might condense and saturate (sweat), leaving liquid residue due to high glycerin contents and how do we avoid soap bases from sweating? There are lots of techniques to stop the sweating. A few of the normal ones are: Stick cover your soap after its harden to decrease the glycerin from pulling the water from the air. Put the soap in covered soap container. Add salt to decrease the glycerin result. Essentially keep it in less airy damp location. Now, why does the soap has "glycerin dew"? Glycerin is a popular humectant, where it likes to bring in water from the surrounding. It will constantly moisturise your skin by continuously hydrating it (that's why its a crucial addition into moisturisers and creams) when its stuck on ur skin. Due to this, the soap base which contains glycerin will likewise continuously bring in water from the surrounding triggering it to have a sweat-like impact.
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The Best Ways To Make Soap Last Longer In The Shower

  Cold process soap is exceptionally various compared to soap made from surfactants. That's why cold process soap is so excellent for delicate skin, and why soap from the shop can leave the skin sensation dry and excessively "squeaky tidy." While cold process soap has lots of skin advantages, one drawback is that cold process soap does not last as long in the shower as soap made from cleaning agents and surfactants. My number one suggestion is to make sure the soap sits in a soap dish, or shower rack, or soap net. Use A Draining Soap Dish / Soap Pouch The most excellent service to prevent the soap from coming in contact with excess is water is to put it on a soap dish. In the shower, putting the soap on a shower rack works. Without a dish, a wholly treated bar of cold process soap will turn mushy and soft in about a day. Ensure The Soap Completely Cure Making cold process soap takes persistence. Throughout this time, excess water in the soap vaporizes, which produces a firmer and longer lasting bar. This is particularly real for soap made with primarily (or all) olive oil, likewise understood as Castile soap. Usage More Hard Oils In basic, soap with about 60%, hard oils would be thought about a harder bar of soap. If your soap includes a big portion of soft oils, permitting it to cure longer can assist it last longer in the shower. Soap made with 100% olive oil (understood as Castile soap) advantages from treating for 6 months to a complete year.