My Very First Attempt to Crystal Healing 第一次尝试水晶疗愈的感觉


Oh yes, these are real crystal! You all might wonder who I am? Am I aromatherapist? Soapmaker? Or Selling crystals now?!?! What's the reason I make myself contact with crystal? 

Here the story begins!

A few months ago I was messed up with personal issues and caused me really exhausted. Despite I know how to utilize essential oil for self-healing, but that was not enough because the energy within me was too weak. 

I came across a crystal master, and she told me about the power of crystal healing and my level of curiosity always pushes me to learn something new. And so I have mastered what crystal healing all about and even experienced crystal healing on myself.

I was told never to purchase a crystal without touching it and feeling it, and that's such an important part of finding your own healing crystals.

When the crystal healing first started, I got 10 raw crystals from crystal master. She explained and detailed their metaphysical properties to me. Each raw crystal is targeted on each chakra.

I lay crystals on my chakra points. I would like to say around 30 minutes before she fetched me and asked me how I felt - which you're probably wondering too. Did I feel bad energy expel out of my body or have a moment of spirituality? Well, I would like to say that is very personal but to me, I had nausea feeling and immediately ran to the washroom for few times. YES, FEW TIMES! I was told that was a sign of flushing out the bad and negative energy.

And what happened to me on the next day? I was feeling so relax and peace of mind!

Was that a magic? As I mentioned earlier, it is very personal, but if you view them as a tool to help you relax and find balance, they'll probably help you do just that.

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