The Journey of Aromatherapy 心灵芳疗师的旅程

The very first time in love grassy hay, the very first got myself a bottle of lavender essential oil and the very first time I got to know odors can affect, change and heal a person's emotion.

My curiosity and eagerness to find out more about essential oils had encouraged me to take up an aromatherapy course. That's where I learned, gained a better in-depth understanding of the properties of essential oils and its characteristics. I was exposed to and taught on the application of essential oil to ease emotional complications. I made incredible progress the feeling was just indescribable, and I have a better overall understanding of myself, my own emotions and my thoughts.

Helping a person with the emotional problem always is my dream. I love to share the usage and benefits of essential oil in various methods.

Sharing is caring and love. I would like to do more sharing of what I have learned and encountered with every one of you. And you all are very welcome to leave your message to me as well!!! Let's together find a better way to cherish our life!

According to the Presuppositions of NLP, everyone already possessed all the resources needed. It depends on how you make your own decision.






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