Customised Breast Milk Soap 代制母乳皂

All of us understand that milk has incredible properties, and utilizing it in a bar of soap is not something brand-new. As the homemade soaps trend has rapidly captured on, breast milk soap is among the most recent high-end handmade products.


BreastMilk Soap

For mothers who would merely want to utilize their excess breast milk or breast milk that has currently past the expiration date for usage, breast milk soaps are an alternative method which their infants and themselves can still use its advantages.

Grace, Balance Tree 创办人都建议妈妈们应该使用过期的母乳来入皂,而过多和新鲜的母乳都建议储存起来或捐给有需要的孤儿们。

It's extremely recommended that soap constructed of breast milk need to be utilized just by the mom from whom the milk is produced and for her child to whom the milk is produced for.


Below are the 4 types of breast milk soap
1) Aloe Vera Moisturizing Breast Milk Soap (for baby skin)
滋润芦荟母乳皂 (宝宝专用)
1kg RM160 (12 bars)
2) Custom made breast milk soap (for dry skin, combination skin, oily skin or for sensitive skin)     
客制母乳皂 (干性、中性、油性、敏感性)
1kg RM170 (12 bars)
3) Collective Designs    
1kg RM150
4) Herbs Powder / Herbal Infused-oil Breast Milk Soap
中药 / 浸泡油母乳皂
1kg RM180 (12 bars)

**Cold-Process soaps are only ready for collection after 45 days for curing period. 冷制皂需要45天后才能领取!

  • Price included ingredients 价钱包括材料
  • All are handmade 纯手工制作
  • Free adding essential oil 免费添加精油
  • No artificial colorant 无添加人造色素
  • No artificial fragrance 无添加人造香精
  • No harmful chemical 无添加有害化合物
  • 300ml of frozen breast milk must ready by customer 顾客需自备300g冷冻母乳
  • Custom made breast milk soap order for 2kg and above will have 20% discount 代制2kg以上可以得20%折扣
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding custom made order. 有关代制母乳皂欢迎向我们联络!
Contact no.: 012-2173957


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