Balance Tree, is an all-natural handcrafted artisan skincare and soap company that specializing in making every product one batch at a time. All of our soaps are truly handmade with love and intention, we see our product as the work of art as none of our batches are exactly alike. We create and experiment the best soaps and designs before bringing them to our customers. We are confident that you will find Balance Tree to be the richest, most indulgent soap you’ve ever experienced.

Balance Tree是一家製作全天然手工皂和護膚品的公司。我們所有的肥皂產品都是純手工製作,我們將我們的產品視為藝術品,因為我們每一批的生產都完全不相同。在將其帶給客戶之前,我們會設計並試驗最佳的肥皂產品和設計。我們相信,您會發現Balance Tree是您使用過最豐富,最有趣的肥皂產品。

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our uniqueness of soap design and quality product. The variety of soaps and gift ranges that we offer serves to suit a wide range of customers’ needs in corporate brand building, business development and etc. The range covered various types of soaps, such as cold-processed soap, Energy Soap (embedded with Healing Crystal), gemstone soap, flower soap, and many more.


Other than soaps, we also specialize in various gift customizations, such as lotions, body scrubs, lip balms, candles, according to customer needs.


We endeavor to create elegant all-natural skincare products that supply our customers with the highest worry-free quality product.


Besides that, our wide range of creative activities from soap making to handmade skincare challenge participants to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. This is an opportunity for your team members to express their creativity and get to know their colleagues in a unique way.


At Balance Tree, we strive to respond to the desires of our customers with outstanding services. We hope that our customers not only benefit from our all-natural products and visit us again, but also spread the words of our exceptional products.

Balance Tree,我們努力以出色的服務滿足客戶的需求。我們希望我們的客戶不僅能從我們的純天然產品中受益並再次光臨我們,而且還能傳播我們卓越產品的口號。

Company Profile

Balance Tree is owned and operated by Grace, a formal fashion model and energy healing practitioner with an accounting knowledge background, is the creative force behind the company.

Balance Tree由Grace,時裝模特兒、能量療癒師並具有會計知識背景擁有和運營,是公司背後的創造力。

From a humble beginning, Grace first started working as an accountant, proceeded to a 9 to 5 job after graduation. However, she felt she could gain more than just a normal working life, so she then took a path less taken in 2011 and engaged herself in the fashion industry in order to pursue her dream of becoming a model. Her perseverance had finally paid off and she made it to the New York Fashion Week in 2016.

Grace 最初是一名會計師,但她認為自己的工作可以比朝九晚五來的更好, 於是她在2011年開始涉足時尚界, 追求成為模特的夢想。她的毅力終於得到了回報, 並在2016年參加了紐約時裝週。

The journey of being a model planted a seed in her and made her an entrepreneur today. Taking care of the appearance was undoubtedly the priority for Grace and dry skin had always troubled Grace as a model. Her trouble then led her into making soap for herself and she managed to find the perfect combination and ingredients that suited her skin 3 years ago.


But what really drove Grace’s passion in handmade soap was her mother. Grace’s mother was diagnosed with Eczema which caused her to have a sleeping problems at night due to her sensitive skin. Grace then put her effort into studying and experimenting with various natural ingredients and wishing to customize the right handmade soap for her mother. After many months of the experiment, Grace finally found the right combination of ingredients for her mother that could ease her mother’s Eczema problem.


Since then the passion went on and Balance Tree was founded in 2018. 

從那以後,激情不斷發展,Balance Tree成立於2018年。

Ethan Loh joined Balance Tree as the brand’s “makeup artist”, who upkeeps the brand’s image and all things about the website, marketer and social media content. Equipped with fashion background, photography and content creation, he works hand in hand with the founder Grace Chew in all aspects of the business.