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This is a must-have balm for every family. This light textured and non-greasy ointment is freshly made and wonderfully scented with natural essential oils that is suitable for infants, pregnant women, and all ages.

Major Ingredients:
Gromwell Root Infused Oil with anti-acne and anti-inflammatory effect. It helps in healing wounds, cuts, burns, bruises, and other minor infections.
Refined Shea Butter use to remedy dry skin, reduce skin inflammation, protect, and nourish the skin.
Neem Oil helps to treat eczema irritation and red rashes, soothing the itchiness caused by Psoriasis and helps in healing dry and damaged skin.
Blended Essential Oil for insect repelling properties.

INGREDIENTS: Beeswax, Gromwell Root Infused EV Olive Oil, Refined Shea Butter, Neem Oil, Blended Essential Oil

DIRECTIONS: Apply the desired amount onto exposed skin or on bite area to prevent and relieve skin irritation.