The Eyes Cluster Soap

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The Eyes Cluster Soap inspired by Amethyst scented with Lavender Essential Oil representing our Third Eye Chakra. Lavender Essential Oil cleanses negative energies and also is an excellent stimulator of the conscious and subconscious mind, greatly improves mind, body and soul health. 

The Eyes Cluster Soap水晶疗愈手工皂添加了人人都喜爱的薰衣草精油代表了我们的眉心轮。薰衣草精油能够帮助净化负面能量,帮助激发我们的意识和潜意识的信息也对提升身心灵非常有帮助。

Each cluster crystal soap is unique and freshly made thus require 3-4 days to ship out upon purchase. We are offering a special price for ordering 50 cluster crystal soaps and above. Write in to us to know more information.