The Love Cluster Soap

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The Love Cluster Soap inspired by Rose Quartz, scented with Geranium Essential Oil. Geranium Essential Oil has a very rich and sweet aroma, helps release anger and negative memories, eases nervous tension, well being, lifts the spirit and balances the emotions.

The Love Cluster Soap水晶疗愈手工皂添加了天竺葵精油。天竺葵精油的花香气味能够帮助释放不安和喷怒感,镇静烦躁、不安和紧张的感觉,恢复心灵的平衡和帮助脱离消沉的状态。

Each cluster crystal soap is unique and freshly made thus require 3-4 days to ship out upon purchase. We are offering a special price for ordering 50 cluster crystal soaps and above. Write in to us to know more information.