The Root Cluster Soap

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The Root Cluster Soap inspired by Red Jasper, scented with Lemongrass Essential Oil representing our Root Chakra. Lemongrass Essential Oil has a sweetly, grassy citrus aroma and an earthy undertone helps extend into the spiritual realm and very useful on working to acquire knowledge of any kind when you're feeling exhaustion.

The Root Cluster Soap水晶疗愈手工皂添加了柠檬草精油代表着我们的海底轮。当我们感受到放弃或疲劳的时候,柠檬草的香气可以鼓舞心灵,恢复生气和激发追求梦想的感觉!

Each cluster crystal soap is unique and freshly made thus require 3-4 days to ship out upon purchase. We are offering a special price for ordering 50 cluster crystal soaps and above. Write in to us to know more information.