The Voice Cluster Soap

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The Voice Cluster Soap inspired by Dark Blue Calcite scented with Eucalyptus Essential Oil representing our Throat Chakra.

Eucalyptus essential oil has a fresh and invigorating aroma that helps to reduce mental stress and exhaustion, promotes concentration, physical and spiritual purification. Open our throat chakra and let the communication flow.

The Voice Cluster Soap水晶疗愈手工皂添加了尤加利精油代表我们的喉轮。尤加利精油的香气清爽又带有刺激性,会给人畅通鼻子和喉咙的爽快的感觉。它的香气能够让人摆脱压迫感、紧张感和喘不过气的感觉。尤加利精油能够安定情绪和让头脑冷静下来来提高专注力。尤加利精油也可以用来解放身心灵的封闭状态。

Each cluster crystal soap is unique and freshly made thus require 3-4 days to ship out upon purchase. We are offering a special price for ordering 50 cluster crystal soaps and above. Write in to us to know more information.